🎭 OTT Vs Theatres

USP for the OTT’s--
An over-the-top (OTT) media service is a streaming media service that directly offers viewers through broadcast, internet bypassing cable, and satellite television platforms, making it available at all times. Theatrical releases being a costly affair for distributors makes OTT a saviour for smaller and independent films. In addition , OTT caters 200 countries worldwide, while cinemas screen native films.

Theatre’s monologue --
Behaving as an escape room where the bodily movements are restrained and the eyes are transfixed on the light coming from a wall, theatres behave as a spiritual awakening to all. Where the connection happens organically, in the absence of ‘pause and play’. Leaving aside what has been done, one will realize that straight-to-OTT is not a wise decision at all as revenues from other avenues such as TV satellite rights are also lost.

Conclusion --
The co-existence of both theatres and OTT platforms in the long-run is something that we all predict in the future. While people watch OTT on weekdays, and movies over the weekend, it is safe to assume that customers today have a platter full of options and the freedom to choose any of them as per their interest.



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