Technologies reshaping the post pandemic world

A newer world.

Distance learning:

The lockdown has impacted a large chunk of academia to run online dedicated education apps have witnessed a huge spurt in growth as students are learning concepts on their mobile phones.
Rural Broadband: It is anticipated that the migrant population will take back some city amenities. Mobile internet connectivity and the door of opportunities that it opens up will lead to a greater demand in rural areas for everything, from govt. services to high speed internet connectivity, tele-education, tele-medicine and e commerce.

Internet of things:

IoT will enable doctors to provide smart medication and personalized approaches concerning prescribing medicines and applying treatments with more accuracy. IoT also fuels edge computing, thus data storage and computation become closer to the points of action, enabling saves in bandwidth and low latency.

AI/ML based Communication:

Based on the data type, network load and number of users the AI/ML systems can help networks make a decision to choose the most optimum parameters to deliver content, playing an increased role in the communication solutions of the future

Robotics and Drones:

COVID-19 provided a strong push to rollout the usage of robots and research on robotics as they have been used to disinfect areas and to deliver food to those in quarantine.



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